Questions Frequently Asked by Clients

There are questions that coming up repeatedly when talking to clients

Y1. Do you expect gifts? Gifts are never expected or required during a date. However, escorts always appreciate gifts given out of kindness and generosity.

 2. What type of clients do you prefer? We prefer to offer companionship for professional women. But, no problem to meet for a hour with all potential clients for a one-on-one to determine if we have the right male escort for you.

3. What can I expect during our date? A man with a warm smile who can provide not only great conversation, but also is willing to cater to your dreams and desires. I want you to have the most comfortable, yet extraordinary date possible.

4. Are your rates all-encompassing? The cost of the date is for time only. The client must cover all expenses incurred during the date.

5. What type of massage do you give? The massage can be a conventional one where I use oils to gently caress and rub your body down to relieve tension, stress and to deeply relax you. Using oils will make it quite a different, and far more exciting, experience. Alternatively the massage can be more intimate to arouse your feelings, sensations and to excite you. 6. Do you have a photo? You never know who is looking and our escorts have there own privet live so we do not publish face photos on this site. If posible I am more than happy to email you photos and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

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